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How BL makes your Office Safer for Everyone During COVID-19!
  • We always clean before beginning disinfection. Cleaning with a detergent or soap and water solution removes particles that can carry risk of COVID-19 on surfaces. This reduces the viral load before disinfection begins, which helps the disinfectant to be more effective in killing the remaining virus.

  • Its our priority to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces daily in common areas (e.g. tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, phone receivers and keypads, remotes, handles, touchscreens, desks, toilets, sinks, elevator and elevator buttons, etc).

  • When on site, we make sure safety precautions are met by using disposable gloves, gowns, a mask (like a cloth face covering) for cleaning and disinfection. Once finished, we carefully remove and throw them away immediately after disinfection and trash disposal.

Your Safety is our Goal!

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